d100 Newscast Episode 2: Critical Role & The Island Kingdoms

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In this episode of the d100 Newscast, we talk about Critical Role’s new publishing house, and the impact of Critical Role on the industry. We also sit down with the developers behind Kara-Tur — The Island Kingdoms: Bawa, a project to reimagine and reclaim the Indonesia-inspired Oriental Adventures setting.

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Critical Role Launches Publishing House

Critical Role announces the launch of Darrington Press, a new game publishing house. We talk about the impact of Critical Role, and how the phenomenon of Actual Play is shaping the industry.

Critical Role Launches Game Publishing House

Kara-Tur — The Island Kingdoms: Bawa

We’re joined by Isaac and Cita, the developers of Kara-Tur — The Island Kingdoms: Bawa, a re-imagining of the setting from Oriental Adventures. They discuss their inspiration for the project and how they hope to inspire more Indonesian creators to continue to carve our space to tell their stories through tabletop RPGs.

About Kara-Tur — The Island Kingdoms: Bawa

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